Business startup equipment
Business startup equipment

Are you buying computer equipment for your startup?

Starting a new business or simply upgrading computer equipment used in your business can quickly cost more than you bargained for. The massive variety of products and combinations of products available makes buying new equipment tricky. That is why we assist you to get the right computer equipment as part of the XYZ Business startup Service.

Buying Computer Equipment Caveats

In the first post regarding Corporate Identity, we discussed your business plan. The next important part of any business is the computer equipment that you will be using. Trying to manage a business without computers is not only making life difficult for yourself. But you are also leaving yourself open to a host of problems.

As mentioned above, computers are expensive and overspending or buying wrong is something a new business can avoid. By getting a little bit of assistance. The problem: When you go to a computer shop or ask for advice from people selling computer equipment. You may not always get the best deals.

Computer equipment and your business plan.

After formulating your corporate identity we spent enough time studying your business plan. That gives us a good understanding of your computer requirements. At this point, we compile a Computer Equipment Proposal. We work with you each step of the way to make sure you are happy with the decisions made. You stay in control and make all the decisions.

The Proposal

An advantage of letting us do this part of your new business proposal is the fact that you save time. As you are planning and getting busy with starting your business, you quickly realize, that you always need more time. In many cases, entrepreneurs already have limited time due to other commitments. Maybe you are employed or have other businesses. This allows you to get things done properly.

Our Computer Equipment proposal takes not only hardware into consideration but also software requirements. Choosing applicable software to use in managing your business is a daunting task. This is due to the huge variety of software applications available. 

In some cases when your business requires certain applications that are not available as ready to use. We do have the ability to create custom software. We gladly assist you in setting up custom functionality. This can be related to marketing, sales management, stock control, whatever you need.

As part of your computer requirements analysis, we consider cost, workload, efficiencies, and automation possibilities. We always find ways to improve staff performance and your service delivery.

Sourcing and Installation

Once your computer equipment requirements are worked out, and you accept the proposal. We go ahead and source the required software and hardware and do the installation. 

Not covered in this offer will be any equipment used to manufacture your products e.g. sewing machines, kitchen equipment, etc. This service is purely for the computer equipment you may need. Some usage examples included are marketing your business, point of sale applications, and business management software.

In cases with requirements that are very specialized or too complicated for us to handle, we find other companies that can help you. 

Do you want to make training available for your staff members that will be using the computers. We do offer training and quote for that beforehand.

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