Corporate Identity vs Corporate Image

Corporate Identity versus Corporate Image.

How do you present your business to the public?
The difference between corporate image and corporate identity is often confused by many. Your Corporate Image refers to what the public thinks and feels about your business. Where your Corporate Identity refers directly to how you present your business to the public.

There are many factors that can influence your corporate image, but in the case of corporate identity, it all depends on how you present your business by using websites, social media, design, and other marketing strategies. Corporate Image is the starting point of the XYZ Business Startup Service.

XYZ Business Startup Service

Corporate Identity is a good place to start your new business venture. I say so because the way you present your business to the public must reflect in every aspect of your business. So, to make your efforts as effective as possible, you need a good foundation to build on.

The foundation to build your business on.

Inception. Somewhere, somehow you came up with an idea. A dream to achieve whatever it is that you want. But without action, your dream will never materialize and only stay a dream. The first step to make your dreams materialize is writing it down. A solid black and white paper copy of how you plan to make your dream come true. Your business plan.

It is known that business plans never pan out exactly the way they are planned. The purpose of a good foundation (business plan) is to have a reference point to work from and return to if things go off course.

When you are looking to secure finance or to add partners you will also need to have a good business plan.

A business plan is not included in the XYZ business Startup Service. We are more than willing to assist you with a business plan, but as a separate service that will be billed separately.

Where the creating begins.

Creating your Corporate Image starts with your business plan. In a meeting, we take into consideration your objectives goals, and ideas, that you envision for your business. The objective of this process is for us to get on the same page with regards to your business plan.

The steps mentioned above are taken as preparation, and help to single out the necessary key details needed to start. Once completed, we start translating your dreams into colors, shapes, and designs. This forms the foundation of your Branding. Your business logo is the first part to be created.

Design Process

First, we make various draft logo designs for you to choose from.  This is usually 4 or 5 different designs, designed in black and white only. The reason being that the focus lies with lettering, spacing, shape, location of additional images, and the slogan or catchphrase. Once you selected a logo design you are happy with, we go ahead and bring in the required colors.

Colors play an important part in a good brand design. Different colors tickle different emotions in the viewer. Here is an informative post on UX Collective by Raul Harman: The impact of color psychology on branding

Keeping you updated throughout the process

We keep our customers in the loop and updated during each step of the development process. Once we established your identity, we go ahead and create your logo. Logos are very important with regards to how the public will recognize and associate with your business.

Now you use it!

With all the above mentioned in place, we apply your identity to all the places required. As mentioned on the overview page, everything that needs graphical attention will receive it. Getting your identity out there is very important and we will be using many products and services to make sure your business gets noticed.

Samples of places to show your identity:

  • Shopfitting and layout.
  • All paper media uses.
  • All electronic uses.
  • Staff uniforms

How does all of this get done?
We have an extensive portfolio of design work ranging from membership cards through to 6m x 3m big signs and all sorts of things in between.


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