Marketing Drive
Marketing Drive

This post deals with your initial marketing drive and marketing your new business in general. In the first three parts of the XYZ Business Startup Service articles, we looked at creating your Corporate identity, Computer requirements, and Online presence. In this article, we take a look at your initial Marketing Drive.

A good initial marketing drive

A story told by Richard Branson about a move he made while starting Virgin Atlantic. It starts with British Airways was to lift up the wheel in London, from its lying down position. At first, British Airways did not manage to lift the wheel all the way and had to try again.

In the meanwhile, Richard Branson responded by arranging a blimp to fly over the wheel, at that point still lying down. On the blimp, a gigantic banner sying “BA Can’t get it up!”.

That instantly made the papers and drew lots of attention giving Virgin Atlantic valuable exposure. You can see a short piece during an interview here:

The idea is to get your products or services known, get people talking and excited about your products, and make sales. To do this we bring together and use as many parts of your business as possible.

It does not matter what type of business you are starting, you need a way to become known.

Components available to use in your first Marketing Drive

At this point your startup business is opening doors, you are stocked up, the staff is trained, everything ready. The parts available to use in your initial marketing drive includes:

  • Graphical branding elements: logos, posters, etc.
  • Your website with the right features ready to use.
  • Facebook Page and Twitter to attract people to the website.
  • All your equipment and employees.
  • Your products/services with some promotions.

A little bit goes a long way

To create your first marketing drive you need a great idea and the right tools to build your initial marketing drive. You most definitely do not have to be a marketing company or have a degree in marketing to get started. Some basic advertising skills will save you money and help to speed things up, during your new business startup.

One of the many important tools in an entrepreneur’s toolbox is advertising skills. With the XYZ Business Startup Service, you get basic skills and the online tools to use when opening your business doors for the first time.

Having some basic advertising skills helps to streamline and reduce costs. Insight of requirements helps when you decide to use a marketing company. Understanding some of the requirements like logo size and image resolutions and file formats can speed things up.

More than an initial marketing drive.

A false belief existed for a long time. This is that you simply get a single page online, and you make sales. Not so easy and not the way it works. How it really works is that a web site must stay active to make it worthwhile.

Social activity is used as a measure to determine which websites to show first. Obviously the busier website gets more priority.

We spend time together.

Trying to market your business online can become difficult without the right set of tools. By using the XYZ Business Startup Service you get the tools set-up, and ready before you open your doors for business. We take care of all the setting up and configuring for you.

The last part of our agreement will be spending as much time together as required online. This is to make sure you know how to use your newly acquired online apps.

Concluding the service with mentoring.

In previous parts of this service, you learned exactly how to create and post various kinds of content. In the following part, you learn how to make use of them. These applications give you feedback and performance stats of your marketing efforts. Monitoring the health of your site, and calculating Key Performanc Indicators.

Not everything happens online

At the end of this business startup service, you learned how to use basic graphic editing tools. This enables you to compile ads for the internet and other media, according to requirements. With a single skill, you decrease costs and save time when it comes to making up quick ads. Not talking about all the other ideas you can come up with and materialize.

Business online marketing is not just computers.

As the heading indicates, this advertising part does not only include computers and online ads. A big percentage consists of planning where and what to do. As part of this service, you will receive a guidebook in a digital format. The guide covers various topics that can greatly improve the planning of your next big advertising campaign.

We are looking forward to assisting you in starting your new business, feel free to contact us at today or complete the contact form below.

Too much for what you need? We offer a host of services, ranging from websites to Business Management Software.


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