Online Presence head imsge
Online Presence head imsge

This post deals with your online presence and other internet assets. The core of your internet assets being your website From there other social media and other applications used for marketing and engage your customers. In the first two parts of the XYZ Business Startup articles, we looked at creating your Corporate identity and Computer requirements. In this article, we take a look at some online business tools that you can use for marketing and managing your business.

Online presence from the start.

It only makes sense to start your online campaigns at the same time or even before opening your new business. You most definitely must have most of your online presence in place and used as part of your initial marketing drive.

At this point, after together completing the first two steps, your new business foundation is set. This is said with regard to the XYZ Startup Service. You will most likely be busy arranging other parts of your business startup. Take note that we take care of only 4 parts of your business startup process.

The ingredients used to make your online presence

The internet is the fastest-growing communications and marketing medium in history. The internet rapidly grew to become a key part of any business no matter how big or small. This applies not only to marketing but also to various cloud applications to manage your business.

Included in the XYZ Business startup service online presence section are:

  • Your Website with relevant features.
  • Google application applied.
  • A Facebook page and a Twitter account.
  • Training and mentoring to help you manage your online presence.


Your website is put together using a WordPress framework and consists of a 5 page (Pro Static) website deal as indicated under the services section. Best practices as usual when building your website includes Keyword Research, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google Applications

We configure and apply some Google Applications to ensure your website performs as well as possible. Included in this service is Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Facebook Page and Twitter

Building your audience is a key part of online marketing, therefore we set up your Facebook business page and Twitter account. Included are all the graphical content as well as textual content required to configure your page. These two accounts will give you enough of an understanding of building and maintaining an audience for your business. From there you can roll out to any other online application you wish to use.

Training and mentoring

To get you up to speed is an important part of this online presence package. That is why we will spend enough time as per our quote with you or anyone staff member that will be responsible to maintain these online assets.

Online Presence Conclusion

By the end of our agreement, your business will have claimed its stake on the internet landscape, and you will be a master at using all the services and applications selected for your business.


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