Work Smarter. Grow.

“Form Follows Function”. That is our motto and a perfect description of the type of services we offer. To fully understand that, you first have to know the difference between Web Design and Web Development.

Web Design refers to the aesthetic part, the way a website looks. Whereas with Web Development refers to the use of additional programming languages like PHP, Java, CSS, and HTML to create custom applications to add functionality.

Web Development is the way we create, your Smart Website, in other words – Working Smarter!

The basic website or framework

All our websites use the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) as a foundation. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems used all over the internet. This is because WordPress offers a plethora of plugins, security updates, themes, and many other advantages.


As mentioned above, WordPress (at this time) offers more than 55 000+ plugins. Some free other comes with a price like WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin. Apart from being spoiled for choice, these plugins do not always provide the functionality your business may require, and that is where we come into play.

Smarter to Supersmart

An unmodified CMS website with really basic features, like a standard WordPress installation or a template site like is not a Smart Solution. The first level smart starts from the point where you modify the CMS to facilitate additional functionality. An example of this will be adding a logbook to track your vehicle traveling costs.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a Supersmart Website, that functions as part of your company Intranet. These sites can be hosted on your own or Dedicated Hosting Services, and provide complete customized functionality. A good example of this will be something like your cellphone service provider’s website. A website that not only offers public access but also internal/intranet or backend functionality.

Making the Change

We are here to help you take your business from a standard website to Working Smart.

The jump from a normal website to a Supersmart Website or intranet application is huge. It doesn’t make sense to even try that. So, we offer a scalable service, a service that put you at the controls and let you decide how big and how fast you want to grow.

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